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Radiantlife Care Consultancy Services was established out of a profound passion for enhancing the quality and standard of healthcare service delivery.



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CEOWith great pleasure, we introduce RCCS, specifically curated to elucidate the scope and depth of our services at Radiantlife Care.

While it may not answer every question, it will certainly set the stage to discern if you desire a more detailed exploration of our services and ethos.


We highly encourage you and look forward to engaging with you. Our team is eager to meet and delve deeper into how we persistently strive for success in our services, ensuring the best for those in our care. This interaction would enable us to understand your interests better and help you ascertain if partnering with Radiantlife Care aligns with your business objectives.

About UsA Few Words About Us.

Radiantlife Consultancy Care Services was established out of a profound passion for enhancing the quality and standard of healthcare service delivery. With a keen understanding of the regulatory requirements and operational demands of healthcare businesses, RCCS was born to provide tailored consultancy solutions.

MissionOur Mission

At RCCS, our mission is to provide exceptional consultancy services that enhance the operational efficiency, compliance, and service quality of healthcare providers.


We strive to empower healthcare businesses by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed.

PackagesOur Packages

At Radiantlife Care Consultancy Services, we offer a range of tailored consultancy packages designed to meet the unique needs of each healthcare service provider.

Whether you're setting up a new service or seeking to improve your existing operations, our Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz packages provide the expert assistance and resources you need.


£7000(VAT Excl.)
  • A recognized quality mark by Local Authorities
  • Assurance to Local Authorities that your organization meets the Accreditation standard
  • Increased visibility on the Work-Place platform, especially when Local Authorities search for Accredited Providers


£3500(VAT Excl.)
  • With the Pearl Package, you get personalized assistance to prepare for CQC registration and interview with the required supporting documents supplied, increasing your chances of success while leveraging our industry expertise to ensure your registration process is thorough and error-free.


£6500(VAT Excl.)
  • One-off CQC Registration: Navigating the Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration process can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Five-days Compliance Training: Understanding and adhering to compliance rules is critical in health and social care.


£12000(VAT Excl.)
  • CQC Registration and One Year Support: With the Sapphire Package, we don't just guide you through the initial Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration and interview preparation process, but we continue to support you for an entire year.
  • We provide extensive 5-day online training on responsibilities, compliance, and access to Radiantlife`s third-party software at a discounted rate.


£3500-1200(VAT Excl.)
  • Lot 1 Compliance training and one-off documents provision.
  • Lot 2 CQC registration, Compliance training and continuous access to documents and supports.
  • Lot 3 One off assistance with safeguarding investigation and documentation
  • Lot 4 One off CQC/LA Inspection preparation support


£1500(VAT Excl.)
  • The Topaz package from Radiantlife Care is the one-time provision of comprehensive policies, procedures, and templates tailored to suit your needs.
  • With it, you get an assurance of up-to-date policies within 12 months of the contract, incorporating national changes and updates to keep you in line with industry standards.
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