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Guided DPV and Accreditation Registration Support

Diamond Package

Our Diamond Package offers an opportunity for service provision for those who desire to provide semi-independent support and accommodation for young adults ages 18-25.

It offers healthcare providers comprehensive assistance with CA registration, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process with guidance and provision of required supporting documents and policies.

Here is what the Diamond Package includes:

Two-Stage Access

The Diamond Package is structured around two-stages access system:

Stage 1: Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV)
Stage 2: Accreditation Scheme

Stage 1: Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV)

The DPV is a procurement tool established by CA and is accessible to all participating Local Authorities to purchase semi-independent support for their young adults.

When you sign up for our Diamond package, the first stage is to work with you to become an approved DPV provider and are given access to the platform where you can start accepting packages.

The DPV offers four service levels:

  1. Floating Support
  2. Accommodation with Support
  3. Supported Lodgings
  4. Parent(s) & Child Support with Accommodation

Stage 2: Accreditation Scheme

The Accreditation Scheme is the advanced process providers must undergo to prove their organization's competence to the commissioning authority.

  • Evaluation of the owners/people running the service
  • Assessment of the organization, including policies, procedures, and operational methods
  • Property Inspection

To become accredited, your organization must successfully pass stage 2.
Upon successful completion, your organization will be granted access to an additional e-brokerage platform where you can accept packages.
Accreditation is an annual requirement, and the quality benchmark for achieving Accredited status may increase over time. All organizations will be given ample warning and details regarding any changes to the accreditation.


£7,000 (VAT Excl.)


Benefits of Accreditation

  • A recognized quality mark by Local Authorities
  • Assurance to Local Authorities that your organization meets the Accreditation standard
  • Increased visibility on the Work-Place platform, especially when Local Authorities search for Accredited Providers
  • Higher chances of receiving referrals compared to non-Accredited providers

What is included in your investment:

  • Provision of policies and procedures
  • Provision of all required documents and templates
  • Five days compliance training
  • Support with both DPV and
  • Accreditation registration