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Ruby Package

The Ruby Package from Radiantlife Care Consultancy is designed as a quick-start solution for health and social care providers. This package is ideal for organizations needing immediate regulatory compliance assistance, offering a focused set of services to meet immediate needs.

Here's what the £6,500 (VAT Excl.) Ruby Package includes:

  1. One-off CQC Registration: Navigating the Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration process can be complex and time-consuming. With the Ruby Package, we show you how to manage the registration process with interview preparation, ensuring your organization is correctly registered and meets all requirements.
  2. Five-days Compliance Training: Understanding and adhering to compliance rules is critical in health and social care. Our team provides comprehensive online training on responsibilities and compliance to ensure your manager understands these regulations, how they impact your operations, and how to maintain day- to-day activities.
  3. One-Off Documents Provision: Documentation is key to demonstrating compliance. As part of the Ruby Package, we provide essential documents like policies, procedures, forms, templates and spreadsheets after CQC registration which will be tailored to your organization’s needs.


£6,500 (VAT Excl.)

These documents help you meet regulatory requirements and serve as a valuable resource for staff training and reference.

The Ruby Package is your one-stop solution for immediate compliance needs, providing the necessary and support to help your organization get up to speed with regulatory requirements quickly and efficiently.