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Sapphire Package

The Sapphire Package from Radiantlife Care Consultancy Services is designed for individuals & businesses seeking an ongoing partnership for their compliance needs.

With £12,000 (VAT Excl.), this package offers one year contractua support to ensure your organization not only meets but exceeds regulatory standards, providing a safe and quality experience for your service users.

Here's what the Sapphire Package offers:

  1. One-Year Contract CQC Registration: With the Sapphire Package, we don't just guide you through the initial Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration and interview preparation process, but we continue to support you for an entire year. This includes managing any changes, updates, or renewals required to keep your registration current and valid.
  2. Compliance Training:

    We provide extensive 5-day online training on responsibilities, compliance, and access to Radiantlife`s third-party software at a discounted rate.

    This ensures your team stays updated on the latest regulations, understands their implications, and integrates them seamlessly into your operations.

    Our training includes a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical applications to help your team put what they learn into practice.

  3. Continuous Access to Documents and Supports: With the Sapphire Package, your organization has uninterrupted year-long access to a range of necessary documents like policies, procedures, forms and templates.

    These resources are not just static documents; we update them regularly to reflect the latest regulatory changes.

    Also, you`ll enjoy year-long telephone support for staffing and client issues, biannual mock reviews, temp. staff and client folders.

The Sapphire Package provides a comprehensive and ongoing support system for your organization's compliance needs, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-changing health and social care regulations landscape."


£12,000 (VAT Excl.)